PUNTA CANA TRADING - Compra bitcoin, cash, dash, zcash, ripple, xrp, btc, ltc, eth, bch en santo domingo, republica dominicana, el caribe y toda america latina

THE BIGGEST Exchange in the Caribbean


It is a semi-decentralized organization (DAO) whose purpose is to provide all infrastructure, secure and profitable for investors, based on technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Punta Cana trading has three (3) fundamental services: An exchange, a broker and an auditor / adviser / seller of ICO’ s and its tokens. That is, we provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch their projects with us, receiving investors from all over the world. Offering more confidence for investors who decide to launch into the world of crypto-investments.

Our Products

We are the first platform of investment and exchange of cryptocurrencies and actives of Latin America and we allow exchanges between crypto and traditional currencies, we will manage the tokens from others ICOs under our umbrella.


In this platform it is possible to exchange between currencies both traditional (FIAT) and cryptocurrency and thus facilitate the process of buying and selling them, in addition to the purchase and sale of Tokens and various CryptoActives..

ICO Launcher

The platform allows through a series of reviews and prior validations new and innovative companies can launch (ICO's) and these can receive collections from various investors from anywhere in Americas.

Commercial Subagent

It is a project that seeks the greater accessibility of purchase of cryptocurrencies for users throughout Latin America through commercial establishments affiliated with the distribution network of Punta Cana Trading.

Large-Liquidity Exchange

Its a tool that will allow access to our investors pool to entrepreneurs who launch their ICO's with us, by guaranteeing their cryptocurrencies raised to receive FIAT money, thus obtaining the necessary liquidity after the Crowdfounding stage.

About Us

To know more about our other products, our roadmap, the team behind Punta Cana Trading and much more...

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